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USAID Project: Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Genomics to Improve Poultry (GIP): Improving food security in Africa by enhancing resistance to Newcastle disease and heat stress in chickens. Followings are selected media reports about this project:
Fox40 News on November 8, 2013UC Davis; GlobalMeatFeedstuffs; UC Health; The Davis Enterprise; Daily Democrat; High Plains/Midwest; AG Journal; efeedlink;Examiner; 5M Poultry

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USDA NIFA project: Functional Annotation of Regulatory Elements in Livestock Species. This project is one of pilot projects of FAANG consortium (www. The overall goal of this project is to generate a comprehensive resource of functional genomic elements for the chicken, cattle, and pig genomes. Our specific goals are:

  1. Annotate chromatin states corresponding to DNase hypersensitivity, four histone modifications, and one transcription factor
  2. Annotate promoters, enhancers, and silencers by integrating information from RNA-seq, DNAse-seq, and ChIP-seq against four histone modifications and one transcription factor.
  3. Freely distribute all raw and annotated data via UCSC Genome Browser and Ensembl.

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NIH-NIFA Dual Purpose with Dual Benefits project: Development of Colonization Resistance in Chicks.

Our long-range goal is to understand the mechanisms that govern the interactions between the host and its gut-associated microbial communities. The objectives of this application are to study the mechanism of colonization resistance and devise strategies to prevent a bloom of Proteobacteria after hatching.

    • Specific Aim 1: Determine the mechanism by which obligate anaerobic bacteria confer colonization resistance against Proteobacteria in newly hatched chicks;
    • Specific Aim 2: Determine whether a treatment that enhances colonization resistance accelerates development of a mature microbial community structure in newly hatched chicks.

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USDA NIFA National Need Fellowship Project: Genomics for Improving Animal Production (GIAP)

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USDA NIFA Bioinformatics Project: The Animal Systems Biology Analysis and Modeling Center (ASBAMC)